'Right to Speak' - Funded by ACE

 The aim of the project is to support the young people we work with to express themselves through spoken word poetry; discuss issues which may affect them and use their voice creatively to share their ideas, stories and views on the world. 

'I have created this project because young people have endless ideas; many of which are needed to make positives changes in our society. Often these ideas are not heard; this project intends to change that. Capturing the participants words and creating short films which can be shared with the wider community, we aim to give the young people’s voices the value they deserve.'

We are running the project with 8 groups of young people (7 of which are groups of young refugees). We are delivering 2 workshops to each group. The project will culminate in the production of two short poetry films and a live showcase giving the participants the opportunity to really have their voice heard and share their ideas.

Please contact us to find out how we can help the young people you work with.